How To Use TikTok For Successful Illustration

TikTok is best known for music and skits. It might be surprising to learn how illustrators create a huge fan base in TikTok platform. For people working in creative industries, TikTok is the best platform to experience rapid growth alongside if you buy TikTok likes. In general, TikTok is a social platform to create, share, and watch short videos.

The most intuitive way to get in is to join hands with other talented artists and designers on the platform. You need not compromise with your style or technique and the way you share your art with the world. As an artist, you can create your first post straightforwardly. Shoot the video including songs, special effects, filters, and text, and then post on the platform. Also, you can collaborate with other artists to create a duet. These are incredible tools that encourage you to collaborate with other artists and also creates challenges.

Take a drawing or design you created previously. Then recreate the same in a simple form. It sounds cool in perspective to lessen your work to its most fundamental elements. It would be fun to compare the drawing of the simple stick figure and the final product. The possible way to build an audience is to share tips and tricks that you have gained in your path in the form of bite-sized tutorials. Showing the process creatively instead of instantly showing perfection is the strategy to make content appealing for native users.

Picturing Behind The Scenes

First, it is necessary that the artist unlearn things pre-programmed to think and perform on social media. The user needs to cut down materialization to appear at his best in the TikTok platform. TikTok is a safe platform to post videos of you being yourself. Instead of worrying about perfection.

It is found that an artist who lately joined TikTok gathered more than seventy thousand followers after experiencing considerable success on other social media platforms. The artist posted polished works and brand partnerships on her Instagram account. However, on the TikTok account, she made videos by flipping through her sketchbooks and drawing live for the camera. She expressed that TikTok was a fantastic platform to share the unfiltered version of herself.

Editing Tools

You need not have to exclusively publish anything on the app. The platform allows you to edit effectively. The app is explicitly designed for short-form content creation like other video editing software. You can create visually appealing TikTok videos by editing other social videos, still without over-producing them. There are numerous tools available in the effects panel of the TikTok platform. If you are overwhelmed with the options provided, you can do a quick scroll in the “for you” page and get flooded by inspiring videos from other users.

Artistic TikTokers

McMaster is a Portland-based artist; he creates ink and watercolor paintings. His paintings are hypnotic and stand out of the world. He used time-lapse videos in TikTok to capture the detailed process of eight hours behind his paintings. He condensed it to a sixty second video where the viewers can see how he uses his ink, blue tape, watered-down acrylic, and hairdryer to create his masterpiece.

Mary Clare Teller, a digital illustrator from Cincinnati, uses special features in TikTok, such as challenges and duets, to promote her colorful portraits. She expresses that TikTok is one of the best platforms for an artist to grow their audience. Also, the artist can pair a popular sound with their art and also follow a trend around the app and make it art-oriented.

The artist must take into consideration that any social platform expands with a significant share of users and their insights. It is highly recommended to analyze the type of content posted on the platform. TikTok opens all possibilities for technical artists who are good at animation and visualization. The users can flaunt their talent in TikTok by staying connected with the latest sounds, chasing memes, and so on. It nearly takes a few months to get familiarized with the app, but it is essential to get started. Sometimes the artist may come across with a weird comment that may bother them. It is essential to have an open mind for the feedback and constructively respond to the comments and positive messages.