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Gabriela Herstik

Gabriela Herstik is a writer with a penchant for fashion, witchcraft and feminism. She spends her days sipping coffee, gazing at the Moon, and planning how to overthrow the patriarchy. She calls LA home (for now!)

Being a spiritual activist means using all the physical and metaphysical tools I have to empower myself and others to take inspired action and create conscious change. It means using the divine timing and power of the universe to incite real, palpable transformation, even if at first it feels small. Sometimes it means listening, sometimes it means doing- it always means being connected to something bigger than myself. Being a spiritual activist means starting within my own universe to change the universe at large…as above, so below.


Ayesha Ophelia

Ayesha Ophelia is the creator of The Girlfriend Manifesto, a women's space for inspired living. Her personal manifesto consists of sisterhood, spirituality, self love, and adventure. She moonlights as a creative consultant with an emphasis on online marketing, social media, and graphic design. Her dream is coming to life of creating a healing center in her hometown of Chattanooga, TN. //

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Corinne Wainer

Corinne Margo Wainer, Ed.M., is an educational psychologist and registered yoga teacher in Brooklyn, New York. As CAO and Co-Founder of SHAKTIBARRE and Director of YoGirls Program, Corinne Margo works actively and purposefully to empower women's wellness education.


Being a spiritual activist means adopting, adapting, and embodying a holistic yet measurable approach - the powerful spirit-science mix that hallmarks our Aquarian Age. In my life this looks like backing my socially responsible initiatives, healing techniques, and educational programming by thoughtful research, which helps me quantify my impact on the otherwise qualitative goal of spreading love and wellness everywhere. and

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Lisa Luxx

Double fire sign, stoking the flames of the human potential. Performance poet, writer and founder of Prowl House. Creating culture about madness, web consciousness and queer politics.

Being a spiritual activist means… actively taking spiritual practice to those still asleep in the dark night of the soul (no matter how challenging it gets).