How To Set Up Your Twitch Prime Account Before Claiming Your Game Goodies

Now, many people are well versed in online services. Among that, Twitch is a better platform from which people can have more online video games. In the beginning, this online service was only for gaming purposes, but it has had huge impacts and developments in a while. And now it is a better platform for various sources. With the enormous benefits, people also pay more attention to this platform. Recently, Amazon, a well-established company, took over this platform and improved it for further use. But still, the platform is prominent for hardcore gamers and streamers. Aside from free shipping, Amazon prime members get access to a bevy of other benefits. You could be losing out on exclusive in-game stuff and free bonus games each month if you utilize Twitch.

What Is Twitch And How Does It Work?

Twitch, a live-streaming network, is owned by Amazon. The majority of the network’s content consists of live video game streaming and eSports competitions. However, an increasing number of streamers are emphasizing entertainment, DIY, artistic, and leisure issues in their programming. On the other hand, video game broadcasters are by far the most popular Twitch streamers, with the majority of views and time spent on the platform. Twitch users are enthusiastic about the program. Twitch has around 15 million daily active users that watch streams for an average of 44 billion minutes every month on the internet. Twitch tops all other live streaming platforms, accounting for 72.2 percent of all live streaming time on the internet. Here the advantage is people who are serious about the platform can also buy Twitch viewers.

What Is Twitch Prime, And How Does It Work?

Twitch prime is a premium service available to members of Amazon prime and prime video. Twitch prime offers a free channel subscription and monthly free games, unique in-game goodies, and more. The following is a list of everything that comes with a subscription.

  • Games, in-game goodies, and more are all available at no cost. Each month, you will receive free games, in-game treasure, booster packs, skins, and more.
  • Gifting in-game things: You can give your Twitch buddies three copies of in-game items.
  • Monthly subscription to one Twitch channel: It is suitable for use on affiliate and partner networks.
  • Extras are only available to prime members in conversation: a Prime chat badge next to your name, exclusive emoticons, and personalized chat color options.
  • Storage for extended broadcasts: Twitch allows you to save previous broadcasts for up to 60 days instead of the typical 14 days.

In the United States, Mexico, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Japan, Singapore, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Australia, Twitch prime is bundled with Amazon prime. In over 200 other countries and territories, Twitch prime is available with prime video.

Twitch Prime: How To Sign Up

Twitch prime comes with an Amazon prime membership. However, it is not enabled instantly. You only need to link your Twitch profile to your account setup if you actively utilize Twitch. Get your free games and in-game stuff in just a few simple steps. To begin, go to Twitch prime and select “Sign In.” Click “Sign In” after entering your Amazon prime email address and password. To activate your Twitch prime membership, click “Link Twitch Account” after the screen has refreshed. To proceed, click “Link Accounts.” Select “Confirm.” Return to the main Twitch prime loot page once they are linked. The following three sections of free content are updated regularly.

  • Aesthetic skins, gamer packs, firearms, accelerators, and other in-game goodies are only available to Twitch prime members.
  • Starter packs: These find elements such as weaponry, outfits, game credits, and more to give you an advantage over your opponents when you first begin a match.
  • Games with prime: Every month, a new collection of free PC games is introduced. While you won’t find AAA titles here regularly, some fantastic indie games are to be found. And, after all, why not? They are entirely free.

Let’s get started claiming all those free games and in-game goods now that your accounts are linked. Try buy Twitch followers services to expand your visibility and grow your engagement rate.

Final Thoughts

From the details mentioned above, you would better understand the process to set up your Twitch prime account before your game goods claim. Follow these notes properly to knock out your opponent with unique gaming features.