Welcome to Moon Club!


Welcome to Moon Club!

MOON CLUB is a global empowerment community from acclaimed writer and coach Alexandra Roxo, and Ruby Warrington, author and founder of The Numinous.

Working in alignment with the phases of the Moon, we gather weekly to practice ritual, get super inspired, and share tools for making transformational change in our lives and in the world—powered by the cosmic teachings of Mama Moon!



Two monthly guided virtual RITUALS—on the New Moon and Full Moon every month on Zoom Video app that you can access from anywhere- your phone or computer. On the New Moon Alexandra guides us in a deep intentions setting journey.  On the Full Moon we come together and share stories and you can get one on one coaching from Alexandra and Ruby.

Perfect for those of us without easy access to ritual work, or with busy schedules but who still want to honor the Moon cycle!  And if you can't make it live you get a full audio + video recording so you can do the ritual at home anytime.  These rituals go deep.  There are tears.  Laughter.  A sense of community.


Monthly we have a LIVE master class / webinar with someone we find to be INSANELY inspiring! You get entrepreneurial skills, spiritual inspiration, and awesome life hacks. And you can chat with them live on video too! Here's one of our FAVES with Thinx creator/entrepreneur Mikki Agrawal that you can sample for FREE. We've had Danielle LaPorte and Lisa Lister will be this month's guest!

All members also receive a special MOON MISSION WORKBOOK on each New Moon, with info about the coming Moon cycle, weekly journal exercises and a special Moon mantra for each sign. Check out a sample workbook here. More coaching + inspo for each Moon phase is delivered in a weekly email newsletter - movie recs, fashion Inspo, playlists all catered to what phase the Moon is in!

Our closed Facebook community is an incredible sharing + support space, where get really real, ask for help, lean on each other, and talk WTF is happening—in the stars and in our business, family and love lives! This space is a tight and safe container that we have come to think of as our Spiritual home.

We also host regular IRL members events! Check out our upcoming Moon Magic Retreat in upstate NY here.  We'll also be on Obonjan Island in Croatia this summer leading rituals and have upcoming live events in NY and LA!

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Meet Co-Founder Ruby Warrington. Aries Sun, Cancer Moon, Co-Founder and Author Extraordinaire of "Material Girl, Mystical World" who interviews all our Moon Mystics, writes brilliant astro-hacks for each cycle, and has interviewed hundreds of amazing people from Alicia Keys to Angelina Jolie.  She's an Astro-Whiz and has a British accent that you'll hear on all our live events! Oh!  And an orange tabby cat named Larry who usually makes an appearance.

Meet Co-Founder Alexandra Roxo. Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon, Co-Founder, Filmmaker, Writer and Coach, who loves to tell stories on Instagram, writes a Holy F*ck column for the Numinous about all things love and sex, lives in LA by the ocean and made a web show called "Be Here Nowish" about finding the humor in all things spiritual. She leads guided shamanic journeys on the New Moon and coaches people on the Full Moon calls.



Moon Club membership is $33 per month (the price of one mani-pedi)

Opt in for a whole year up-front, and you pay $300 (yep, that’s almost three months free!)



"Thank you SO much for your beautiful Full Moon ritual. Wow. I'm pretty speechless honestly. I had a wonderful message come through to me, and meeting my higher self was just out of this world (no pun intended lol). I was also able to connect with my partner's higher self and see our connection through a past life, which was holding me back. I can't believe I'm even writing this...honestly. Life changing. Thank you SO SO much again."Katie Alyse, mind blown after our Full Moon ritual

"It was such an incredible weekend. I still can't get over how magical it was. I've come back to the city with a newfound confidence in myself and a feeling of connectedness to you guys and to women everywhere. Thanks again for a life changing weekend!"Tess Antonellis, riding high after our Moon Magic retreat


"If you truly want to empower yourself and be surrounded by other empowered/empowering magickal women, Moon Club is the place to be. Moon Club creates a regimen for you and your life centered around the cycles of the moon with emphasis on self care and activism, Moon Club is truly a stellar life-changing commitment!"—AS, showing the love for our Moon Club community