Methods To Enhance the Impact Of Advertising In TikTok

AR effects, Dance challenges, and recently upright standing brooms are the few aspects included in the TikTok, and users can find them when they scroll down the “For You” feed. With eight hundred million active users every month, brands cannot ignore TikTok advertising. TikTok users are spread across a hundred and fifty countries across the world. TikTok is a viable platform for brands to reach users below thirty years of age and buy TikTok likes. TikTok was the most downloaded app in Japan, Korea, India, and the United States in 2018. To get started with TikTok, Advertisers must create advertising accounts. Brands can directly contact TikTok ads to check if they qualify for the business.

Once businesses have submitted the details, a TikTok representative reviews the information. If the business is eligible, they will contact to set up the account. There are several options in TikTok for advertisers to reach their target demographic.   

Ad Product Offerings

The vertical TikTok video ads are placed within the “For You” feed, and call-to-action can be included that takes users to their desired destination. The ads are similar to native content with username, profile pic, comment, and share icons. They provide more granular targeting features than any other TikTok ad option.

In-Feed Video Ads

Auction Buy: It is a flexible option where the budget is based on what brands choose to bid and the amount of competition they receive from other advertisers. With the power to make optimizations and control bids, this is the most cost-effective feature in TikTok.

Reservation Buy: It is a better fit if the brands require guaranteed to reach over specific dates. The volume guarantee is balanced without huge costs, and marketers will be fixed into their spend commitment and pay flat pricing, and they won’t be able to alter the campaign while running.      

Branded Takeover Ads

These ads have a full-screen takeover when the user opens the app. These ads can be a three to five seconds video or image, and the brands completely rule the platform on a reserved day.


TopView ad is an effective option that pops up as a first thing when the user opens TikTok. These ads can be up to sixty seconds in duration, with autoplay and sounds. Besides allowing longer content than other options, these ads offer user engagement like, share, comment and follow.

Branded Effect

This format enables businesses to provide a branded AR effect triggered by gesture and face recognition technology. The effects need to be created within TikTok, and the capabilities are comparatively less in competitor platforms.

Hashtag Challenge

This method encourages users to develop content around the mentioned challenge, similar to challenges that get organically trending on TikTok. These challenges are hosted in multiple placements in TikTok. The challenge page can include an exploring tab to enhance purchases, share location data, or survey users.  

Tips For Effective Advertising

  • Even though many other social platforms use vertical videos, TikTok ads essentially need not be in the same format. Trends and functionalities vary with each platform. While other platforms encourage graphic indications or swipe up language, then swipe up on TikTok takes users to the upcoming videos on their feed instead of ad destination.
  • If the organic content on TikTok is performing well, businesses can repost it as an ad to maximize its Impact. It is found that authentic feeling content performs more effectively than creative ads with a huge production budget.  
  • The Impact of sounds on TikTok is comparatively higher than other social media platforms, and the audio in TikTok provides space for humor that has maximum chances of getting viral. Brands must give high priority to audios in ad creatives.
  • Brands must keep their ads as refined as possible to avoid disapprovals. TikTok is sensitive about ads that exhibit too much skin or suggestive dancing.
  • Brands can use engager retargeting to provide fresh creatives to users who interacted with the creative that ran in the previous campaign.
  • TikTok ads are not tied to actual TikTok accounts through the user name, and profile images are shown in ads. Therefore brands can use TikTok as an advertising platform even if they don’t have a strong presence on the platform.