How To Develop Your Instagram Account Organically?

Instagram’s development shows no sign of going down. Out of one billion regular active users, 200 million audiences lookout for one business profile routinely. Instagram is a perfect platform for marketers and entrepreneurs. But there are 25 million business profiles on Instagram. It means to be a challenge for brands who need not have well-planned magnifying methods. Are you surprised at how you can stand out in a crowded place? Few brands are arranging uncertain practices like using bots to generate likes, purchasing followers, and using third-party apps to improve engagement. 

You can develop your followers’ count and engagement on Instagram organically. Without spending any cent, you can enhance your content’s visibility and brand awareness. This article will explain everything to you. 

Best Ways To Develop Your Instagram Organically

Every intelligent marketer follows this rule: never begin an ad campaign without finding your targets. Therefore, which metrics matter on Instagram? How do you understand a brand is growing? Some of the most usual KPIs include engagement and hashtags. Before you start, you need to sort down which targets you need to target. Once you have your targets lined up, you should try some or every one of these methods below:

1. Improve Your Posts

Content means to be king. More so on social media networks that are filling up with substandard content. However, by following a few time-tested posting nature, you can improve your posts to attract more audiences and start an impact. 

Work On Instagram Algorithm: Instagram ranks the posts using Artificial Intelligence to plan which posts will emerge first in the user’s feed. Posts from the audience who seems to be followers or family are rated higher than casual posts. Therefore, you are required to direct messages or comment on the Instagram posts of your targeted audience. Instagram ranks the Instagram posts that are similar or fascinating for a user more than others. Newer posts get choices for Instagram’s algorithm. Thus, what does that mean for you? You need to post consistently, then come up with the latest content ideas. Learn the user nature for your ideal audience, and then make relevant content. 

Improve Visual Content: Your Instagram content requirements to be top-quality and improvised for size and time. To make attractive visual content, you can make use of professional-grade editing tools. For example, you can use filters and overlays to up the sparkle of your images. 

Post During The Suitable Times: Instagram’s insights can support you in enhancing detailed buyer information for your Instagram followers. By using this, you can identify the busiest times of your followers. You need to change into a Business account to access Instagram Insights.

2. Utilize Instagram Shoutouts

Co-promotion is the perfect strategy for Instagram, where you can swap shoutouts with similar influencers so that the method is mutually effective. A shoutout is a mentioning of a brand, generally performed with a profile link using the caption. Mostly, a picture of the well-known brand partner using the brand mention. You can use the hashtags to search for influencer marketing tools to find people related to your brands or business. Then, check their feeds to find the people who regularly provide shoutouts that gain much engagement. Like and comment on their posts, and then prompt them if they are fascinated for a shoutout swapping with you. 

3. Engage Your Followers

Thus, you have sorted down Instagram’s algorithm by creating eye-grabbing visuals and posts at the optimal times. Does your engagement rate still not increase as you thought? Then it could refer to your content lacking new trending concepts or buy Instagram reels views to cope it up. Your fans are either ignoring or disregarding your content. It would help if you stepped into the accelerator, where you require perfect ideas that will make your fans sit up and recognize your content. Suppose you have a creative idea, then you can get motivated from these ideas: 

  • Instagram Story
  • Instagram Live
  • IGTV
  • Contests & Giveaways
  • Hashtags
  • Sneak Peeks
  • User-Generated Content

4. Post Again Your Content

Starting to repost or re-programming other’s Instagram content is a perfect method to increase your followers and build marketing relationships. However, contrary to Twitter and Facebook, Instagram does not possess an option to share or repost option. 


The more competition on Instagram has targeted brands to look for technical methods of marketing. Therefore, the organic growth methods discussed in this article will support you stay prior with the bonus fact is that these strategies won’t consume your profit as they are easy to use.