Alexandra has been on The Path since she met her first spiritual teacher, Bobby Drinnon, at age 12, who taught her about her aura and chakras on a farm in Tennessee. She worked with him until she was 30, when he passed from this world. Growing up in Georgia, her mom helped her play intuition games, see Angels, and taught her about the power of words as spells from when she was a child. She had her first Mystical Experience when she was 13 after feeling extremely alone and hopeless she called on her Angels and  felt inner peace for three months. This led to a very confused period, attempting to lead rituals with her friends in Georgia while often being called a “sinner” and “slut” because of her openness and curiosity and only having Bobby and her Mom to talk to about these mystical moments.

She felt very alone in Georgia and like she didn’t belong. But she continued her spiritual studies nonetheless, visiting different churches, being “saved,” and speaking in tongues, before immersing herself in the world of theatre, learning five languages, doing volunteer work in foreign countries and homeless shelters, and moving to NYC for college.   

In NYC, she began to practice meditation at age 19 when she discovered vegetarianism, Ram Dass and Yogananda, became a feminist and stopped shaving her armpits. What joy! She made art. She taught art healing workshops for teens in homeless shelters. She worked with women who had been trafficked, teaching them about film and art as healing. She also experienced her first sexual assault, which she worked through with her artistic expression, and which began to inform her deeper path towards working with women and sexual healing. She directed her first play at age 21 called This Little Light of Mine, about how religion tried to stamp out women’s lights.

At age 21 she lived with Tantric monastics in Italy in a commune and began meditating in caves, renounced sex, and chanted all day, but something didn’t feel 100% right. Wait! It was because it was still patriarchal!!! So she went to Starhawk’s Activist Witch camp, and began her Pagan studies. Opened herself to snake medicine and the cycles of the Moon. Fairies and witches and feminist rituals for the Goddess felt more aligned than renouncing sex and sleeping on the floor, as she has been doing with the monks. She moved to Portland, began practicing Moon ritual, and making devotional art to the Goddess.  

After a few years in the Mystical Lands of the Pacific Northwest she returned to NYC to show her experimental ritual films at the prestigious AIR Biennial and to make her first feature film, Mary Marie, about her relationship to the Virgin and Whore archetypes, and which also reflected her devotion to Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary.

Then she began her descent into her Saturn Return, the hardest years of her life. During these years, one parent attempted to take their own life. An obsessive eating disorder that began at age 12 but had been tucked away returned. There were abusive relationships. A time living out of a suitcase and facing multiple assaults. And this was when she began to work with Plant Medicines to dive all the way in.

Beginning with Peyote and then Ayahuasca, she opened all the caverns in her Soul. She also put out her web show Be Here Nowish (must see!) to great critical acclaim during these years, and her Vice show Every Woman, which has amassed 10 million views. Her work was featured in tons of international press from Vogue to Dazed to i-D, New York Times, The New Yorker, New York Magazine, and more. She started directing commercials. Developed a TV show with Steven Soderbergh and Spike Jonze. Acted in the TV show “The Knick” and sold a movie she produced and acted in.

But on the inside, struggles with boundaries and family and food, made this a period of deep lessons and difficult initiations. And so she fled to LA to finish this cycle of inner work, using more plant medicine to fully unwind the family patterns and traumas in her system. She healed her relationship with her father, a miracle. She healed her finances, another miracle. She came home to her body. It was these experiences that led to her decided to share her shamanic work with others as a writer, mentor and transformational guide, and as a ritual leader with Moon Club.  

She has since continued her deep studies with her shamanic, tantric and pagan teachers. She works with snakes, Shibari rope bondage, and BDSM as spiritual and healing tools. She also works and is devoted to several Deities and masters, and loves her mystical-magical-silly-bizarre-trippy-heartfelt life with her whole being.

Alexandra’s journey has helped her to accept her Darkness and her Light, and to see all her traumas and shadows and culturally non-conformist ways, as what make her whole. She hopes to inspire others to do the same.